Current Trustees

The Woodlands Speaks trustees are guided by the Community Manager, whose role is to seek out and deliver professional advice to the Trustees with regards to various projects.

The Trustees represent Woodlands and the surrounding areas and therefore their responsibility is to ensure that everything that Woodlands Speaks does, represents the best interests of the local community.

By the very nature of the role, Trustees are not permitted to receive payment for their contribution and/or work they do for Woodlands Speaks.

Pat Granby

Chair Person


Mary Paton

Acting Vice Chair Person

Woodlands Speaks is always looking for Trustees who have what it takes to create, develop and grow community projects that are of a measurable benefit to the residents of Woodlands and neighbouring areas.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee of Woodlands Speaks and you live and/or work in the Woodlands area, then feel free to get in touch.

Contact details can be found on our 'CONTACT US' page.


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