Registered Charity: 1159638
Employment and Wellbeing Service Enterprise Grants Program

The Enterprise Grants Program support s residents of Woodlands and surrounding areas who looking at starting their own business or  those who have already started. their own business.


Who is eligible for an 'Enterprise Grant'?

The Enterprise Grants Program was set up by Woodlands Speaks solely to support residents of Woodlands and surrounding areas who:

    • Are looking at starting up their own business OR
    • have recently started a new business

The type of business is not important neither is your level of knowledge as advice can be sought via our 'Employment and Wellbeing Service' and if we are unable to help with a particular issue, we can put you in touch with professional advisers.

How much is the 'Enterprise Grant' worth?

'Enterprise Grants' are typically worth up to £500.00

Who can apply for an 'Enterprise Grant'?

Applications are welcome from anyone who is going to be starting a new business or have recently done so.