The Employment and Wellbeing service is currently unavailable as a result of loosing our funding due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Woodlands Speaks CIO
Registered Charity: 1159638

Employment and Wellbeing

Helping People into Work with funding from the 'Coalfields Regeneration Trust'.

Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Coalfields Regeneration Trust

It was established that Woodlands has one the highest unemployment rates in South Yorkshire.

Therefore it was essential that we could provide a service geared towards helping people into work, and we will also try to help those who are working and looking at a change of career.

With funding from the 'Coalfields Regeneration Trust' we now have an Employment and Wellbeing Coach who is available to help with:  Writing CV's, Completing Application Forms, Interview Techniques as well as being able to provide access to a range of training courses, qualifications and permits and providing practical support to overcoming barriers to work and more....

More recently we have been able to start offering 'Enterprise Grants' for those who are looking at or have already started their own business.