Woodlands Community Library Quiet Room

The 'Quiet Room' at Woodlands Community Library is perfectly suited for those who require additional privacy and  confidentiality, that you would not normally have in the main library.

Quiet Room

The 'Quiet Room' is a suitable location if you:

◊ Have an on-line Job Interview

◊ Have a confidential advice appointment (i.e. CAB)

◊ Have a local Councillor surgery appointment

◊ Need peace & quiet for application form filling

◊ AND More... ◊

The 'Quiet Room is available for use during normal opening hours.

The use of the Public PC's is limited to 2 hours per appointment,  as per Doncaster Council (Libraries) usage policy.

Quiet Room

It is strongly advised to book your appointment in advance in order to avoid any unnecessary disappointment.

To book your appointment you can call

Woodlands Community Library on 01302 724 393

or email us at woodlandscommunitylibrary@gmail.com,

please use "Quiet Room Booking" as your subject.