Volunteering At Woodlands Community Library

“Volunteers are the heart & soul of Woodlands Community Library. As a volunteer, you are
our public face, you will be the first person a visitor to Woodlands Community Library will come
in contact with. You will make it happen, smooth the way, inform and help. You are central to
the team and we look forward to working with you.”
Steph Bramhald
(Community Manager – Woodlands Speaks CIO)


As a volunteer you'll be contributing to the provision of a vital hub for the community of Woodlands and surrounding areas.

You will be involved in providing assistance to our library users in various ways.

You will be helping our library users find the titles they are looking for, it could be Fiction, Non-Fiction, Audio Books, it could be for an Adult, Teenager, Junior etc... and you may even have to locate and acquire a copy from another library.

Therefore, being able to; adapt to a changing environment, communicate with people of all ages will be an important asset as a volunteer....


As with most public libraries, Woodlands Community Library is equipped with Public Access Computers, Public Access Internet and Free Public Wi-Fi, which our library users, use for anything from creating CV's to Researching their Ancestry.

Therefore, being able to communicate with, and help users of all ages and technical abilities will be an important asset as a volunteer....

As with all public libraries, Woodlands Community Library has its fair share of child members using the library for reading, activities, school visits and more.

Therefore being able to interact with children, juniors and teenagers, and their parents/carers is a crucial part of being a volunteer at Woodlands Community Library....


Interested in being a volunteer, then feel free to pop in for an application form or click the link to download an application form, fill it in and then return it to us.

Volunteer Application Form

Woodlands Speaks CIO and Woodlands Community Library are Equal Opportunities Employers.

As a volunteer at Woodlands Community Library, you will also be a Woodlands  Community Library Committee Member.

As a committee member you will; be invited to monthly meetings, be kept up to date, have the opportunity to put forward your ideas about events, activities etc… for young and old.

You will also have input into how we can promote Woodlands Community Library and its services in the best possible way, with a focus on increasing the number of library visitors and turning those visitors into regular library users.

Whilst we can't pay you for being a Committee Member, we can guarantee plenty of Tea & Biscuits, and even some cake.

As a final point, being a Committee Member is not mandatory.