Wellbeing Therapy Service


Wellbeing Therapy Service


Woodlands Speaks has received funding from 'South Yorkshire's Community Foundation'.

This funding will allow us to deliver 1-to-1 therapy sessions for the residents of Woodlands and the surrounding district.

This initial funding will allow us to run a pilot scheme (ending March 2020) working with a limited base of around 50 clients. It is our aim to extend this service to more local residents and provide additional session hours per person.

What is being offered?

Working in partnership with the 'Great North Medical Group' at the Princess Street and Chestnut Avenue surgeries. Clients will benefit from receiving a programme of four sessions, providing a range of therapeutic interventions. The interventions include, counselling and hypnotherapy, each customised to meet individual needs.

How to access the service?

Patients of the 'Great North Medical Group' can ask their GP for a referral.

How will the service be supported in the future?


The next phase of the Wellbeing Therapy Service will be supported through the 'CO-OP' Local Community Fund'.

You can support the Wellbeing Therapy Service whenever you shop with the 'CO-OP' (you will need to be a member of the 'CO-OP').

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