Woodlands Speaks CIO Here To Serve the Community

Woodlands Speaks CIO is a registered charity, and is supported through Big Local and administered by the Local Trust for the Big Lottery Fund.

Our Objectives

Woodlands Speaks was founded in 2014 as a Big Local partner so that we can deliver projects that champion the best interests of residents within the local community and improve the quality of life for all, guided by three clear objectives.

Improving the Quality of Life

To improve the overall quality of the area and the quality of life for the those who live and work in the area.

Helping People into Work

To manage and/or support projects that provide help and assistance to those looking for work, education, qualifications; advice, support and practical assistance to those who want it.

Supporting Young People

To manage and/or support projects that are inclusive of young people.

Woodlands Speaks 'Community Grants' Programme

The 'Community Grants' programme is a venture created by Woodlands Speaks in partnership with the Local Trust to provide grants to various organisations in the local area.